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A website for people who Live , Work & Play' in the city of Dana Point California

The Dana Point Life website will not be updated again until September 1st, 2015.

The webmaster is on vacation and no one has offered to continue updating while I'm gone.

Check back after September 1st when it will have a major update with all new material & more interactivity.

 First things First;;  There are no advertisements on this website.  All links and images are posted for information purposes only.

We live in a great city.  Dana Point is at the Southern end of Orange County California.  This area of the United States is considered to have the best weather in the country.  We’re a costal town with a great harbor, far enough from Los Angeles to be out of it’s influence but close enough to enjoy all that one of the worlds greatest cities can offer.

Dana Point is a wonderful place to Live, Work & Play but we’re going through a lot of changes,,, A lot of growing pains.  Our harbor is overdue for an overhaul, the downtown section with it’s double north/south highway is in the middle of a complete update.  Citizens are divided in what direction our ‘Heritage’ coastal city will take.  We still have some historic buildings downtown that need to be preserved.  The ’Town Plan’ adopted by the city after years of meetings and input from citizens has been adopted and is currently being implimented.

There are a lot of websites currently on the web about Dana Point California.  Many have an agenda, some want to promote a point of view, some are informational and then again there are a number of websites who’s sole purpose is to make money for the companies who run them.

This website, ‘’, is a kind of ‘Informational Center’ to give you an overview of all the city of Dana Point has to offer.  If it’s not here, we’ll post a link to where the information you want is available.  It’s not an informational holding place that tries to include everything but a website that will direct & inform.  A good place to call home.

Our ‘Community Forum’ is a place to ‘discuss & share ideas, inform’ ask questions, get answers.  It will become whatever residents of our beautiful California coastal city make of it.  The community forum is in a ‘threaded’ format.  You can start a new thread or subject, respond to a post, even respond to a response, etc.  You can post photos, links and even use it for a public ‘chat room’.   We hope you will become a regular in posting.  It’s easy, annonomous and with participation can become a meeting ground for all kinds of discussions concerning our beach community.

We encourage you to email the ‘administrators’ of this website with information, suggestions, corrections or anything else that will make for a better central gathering place and give anyone searching for information about Dana Point the place to find it.

This website is in its infancy and is being expanded and updated every day.  The administrators have comitted to a year of 2 hours a day to make it your first stop in locating ‘current information’ on all that Dana Point has to offer.  At present, we’re looking for a few interested people who would like to become involved in this website.  Email administration if you’re interested in participating.

We are not a commercial website or a politically agenda based website but an informational and personally run website for ‘People who Live Work & Play in the city of Dana Point California.

Thank You for stopping by.